Flinging Arrows, Digging In The Dirt, Living My Passion

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“Thwack”, the arrow hit dead center of the target. My heart fluttered. I turned around and shouted with a smile…

Learning to Shoot Like a Boss

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My disease made me feel broken. Shooting helped me feel better about myself, sometimes even make me forget I had a disease. Archery made me feel like a BOSS!

They Call Me, Katniss

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They Call Me, Katniss Everdeen that is; yes from the blockbuster. By Teagan Johnson Katniss and I look similar, but…

USA Archery

Setting Sights on Success, The Road to Olympic Archery

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Setting Sights on Success, The Road to Olympic Archery By: Danielle Foley & Shannon Coleman A role model is someone…

Cassidy Cox

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If 11 years ago, someone had told me what I would being doing in the future, I would have never…

Kristin Huber Mental Preparation- tournaments.

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Mental Preparation- tournaments. By Kristin Huber   When it comes to competition there are two types of athletes: those who…

Around the World

My Archery Journey

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My archery career started in 2011 when I was 16 years old. And although many people think you need to…

Quality vs Quantity

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Quality vs Quantity By Marcus Barclay Im sure you have all heard the saying quality over quantity, whether it is…

Copenhagen Hosts The World’s Largest Archery Championship In History

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Hang on to your quiver’s archery fans because the 2015 Archery Championships are on their way! Copenhagen will have the…

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    February 20, 2017
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    December 28, 2016
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