My name is Jace Walters I am a 10 yr old compound archer from Ohio

 I am very competitive and when I compete I want to win. When I’m not studying so I can stay on the Honor Roll at school; I am either shooting my compound bow which I do a lot of, my rifle, pistol, crossbow, riding my BMX bike around the house, playing soccer or racing my dirt bike. When I was 4 years old I started traveling Ohio racing my dirt bike competitively since I basically grew up at motocross tracks because my big brother Fin raced. Even though I had a lot of industry sponsors from winning a lot, last year I realized that I can’t become the best racer I want to be. I don’t have a track in my back yard, I’m not home schooled and we don’t have all the money that it takes to become a pro-racer; and it takes a lot of money to become a pro-racer.  So I decided to put racing on the back burner so that I could train to become the best archer that I could be. I can train to be a pro-archer because I have a 20 yard target in my back yard, I can shoot at the LaGrange Hunt Club as far as my arrows will travel and can shoot up to 20 yards indoors at Black River Archery. With all these places to shoot at, I should not have an excuse that I didn’t practice.

Since I take my training for archery very seriously and shoot at least 5 times a week, I have gotten very good over the last year. I am not the best yet and won’t finish on the podium at national events for awhile still, but if I was already that good after just shooting competitively for one year then being the best wouldn’t mean a lot. I now represent some very cool companies like Black River Archery, Hoyt Target Archery, Kames Sports, The Young Archer, Carbon Express, Pine Ridge Archery, Bohning Archery, HeDog Archery, Competitors Edge Custom Bowstrings (Discount Code: WB17CECB), Scott Archery, SHIRTS and LOGOS, FAF Graphics and Krieg’s Taxidermy.

My new short term goal is going to Las Vegas to shoot the Vegas shoot  in February 2019. This shoot will be special to me because it is in the same arena my brother Fin raced the Amateur National Arenacross Championships at in 2012 placing in 7th place. At Fin’s race I said I would bring everyone back there so they could see me race like we saw Fin race, I think it would be special if we could still go back there but for me shooting competitive archery now.

Age: 10

Location: Lorain County, Ohio

Shooting Team: