Hello my name is Matthew Weinstein and I’ve been shooting since age 12

I started in NASP, and soon found I had a love for archery. I am a 5 time national champion as well as grand champion and a podium finisher at both Lancaster and Las Vegas. I hold two world records. I also hold the southeastern NFAA state and sectional records 600/117x.

I’m proud of my accomplishments thus far and I am currently sponsored by the best archery companies in the business. Clear targets, Truball/Axcel,  Black Eagle,  BowDoc,  Doinker,  Archery Squad, Top Hat and Custom Made Wraps and  Walk-on Archery as well as shooting on The Ace Apaches Archery Team coached by John Chandler.

I currently shoot 6 days a week with some days just up-close blind bale but everyday I’m working on my archery.

Every day I am working on the archer I want to be,