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Archery by Keenan

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Have the Young Archer Magazine mailed right to your door SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR FREE “Imagine walking into an archery range after you unload everything like a bow, arrows, quiver, belt [if needed], arm guard [if needed] and a release if you have a compound bow. But did you know that archery includes a lot of muscles and bones? Just follow through takes a lot of bones and muscles. And even talking to the coach about a problem takes bones and muscles! You need the deltoid muscle to keep your arm up after you release and to pull the string back....

My NASP® Experience

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Have the Young Archer Magazine mailed right to your door SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR FREE I started as a 6th-grade kid who wanted to do something with his life and be the best he could be at it. First, I tried wrestling, got injured, and quit. I tried basketball and couldn’t quite get the hang of things, so I decided to venture onto other things. Finally, I found archery. As I walked into the multi-purpose room of Anderson County Middle School and picked up my first bow, I had no idea just how much it would impact my life. I was...

It runs in the family

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The girls first picked up a bow that was the same bow that their grandmother and father learned to shoot…

USA Archery

Explore Archery Grants Launch Community Archery Training

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Have the Young Archer Magazine mailed right to your door SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR FREE Explore Archery Grants Launch Community Archery Training and Programs in California and Georgia COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - In 2018, USA Archery continued to offer Explore Archery Grant programs to key communities through partnerships and support from the Archery Trade Association and Easton Foundations. The program, which began with Michigan and New York in 2017 have expanded to Georgia Recreation and Parks Association (GRPA) and California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS)in 2018 to secure grant funding to educate archery coaches in each state and meet the demand of interested archers. The grants are...

USA Archery Partners with The National Archery in the Schools Program

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – USA Archery and the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) are thrilled to announce a new partnership between the…

The Nationals Day 2 and Kelly Davis

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Day 2 of The Nationals By Alex Pollock Sports Editor The Times Kelly Davis hated archery. “My mom put…

Around the World

Archery suddenly became an important part of me

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Hello! My name is Alifia. I’m an Indonesian compound shooter and archery is my huge passion! When I officially started…

Archery in Germany

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I have been shooting archery for 2.5 years It turned out so that I and my friend came together in…

My Archery Journey

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My archery career started in 2011 when I was 16 years old. And although many people think you need to…