Alexis Zelmer’s first archery harvest and what a nice Buck !

By March 14, 2015Hunting

Rushing home from work on the evening of October 12,

I was thinking “I’m not going to make it out to the woods in time”. 5:56pm I was in my stand.   As soon as I was settled in I began to think, the wind is not in my favor, and with running late I didn’t have time to find the field spray and any deer that would even come my way would catch my scent.

So by this time I am thinking the Woods-3   Lexi-o !

As the evening goes on all I’m seeing is squirrel after squirrel and I am getting a little discouraged knowing that I could have just slowed down and taken just a few extra minutes to get 100% ready.   I check the time, it’s about 7:15pm, crunch crunch crunch.  I look to my right and see a nice body deer about 40 yards away. As I’m watching this deer I start to think “if he jumps the fence I might have a shot”.   I stand watching, closer as closer he comes and finally jumps the fence.

Munching on acorns he slowly keeps making his way towards me.  By this time I am ready at any moment to pull my bow back at any minute.  I look over my right shoulder and see flashing lights. It dawns on me that I am usually out of the stand and in by now. I realize that it is my boyfriend, Joe, coming to get me. About that time I am beginning to worry, either Joe is going to scare the deer away or I am going to run out of light. I look back on the deer and finally he is standing perfect broadside, 12 yards away. I pull back and took the shot. WHACK! And then crashing like crazy. I waited in my stand for about 10 minutes, pulled out my phone an called Joe. “I just shot a deer!”. On the other end of the phone he replies ” I heard everything”. He walked in to my stand and as I climbed down he went to the spot where my buck was standing… “Baby you smoked him!” Beyond excited we went back to the house and waited for a few people to come help track. About 45 minutes after I had shot we found him!

We had captured my buck on trail cam a few times during spring and summer, as a night buck only. Then one day he was gone. No more photos or anything. Joe had gone out the evening before and had caught a glimpse of my buck. He told me the next day that I better get out and hunt. Which in turn landed me my first archery kill. A 9 point, killed with a Bowtec Diamond compound bow!

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