Alyssa’s First Archery Buck!

By March 13, 2015Hunting

Alyssa 5

Parenting Done Right!

When it comes to hunting you should teach your children patience. You should encourage them and talk to them about letting fawns and yearling deer go so they can have a chance to live after the first year. So proud of my daughter. She keeps passing up yearling button bucks because she doesn’t want to shoot a baby deer. When the button buck walked away I asked her what she thought. She said that was awesome. She said a part of her wanted to shoot but she knows that if she lets it go it will grow up to be bigger and maybe have an opportunity at him again another year.

 ~Sean Kramer




 It all started during the 2014 youth hunt.

Alyssa1My daughter, Alyssa, was so excited to finally go out hunting with her bow after practicing during the summer. She did not want to use the gun.

Well, that Sunday of the youth hunt she missed her first buck with her bow and first time she was ever able to take a shot at a buck. I felt so bad about her missing because we all have been there and we know how it feels when you miss a deer. So I made a promise to her: Instead of me going out hunting for myself I told her that I would not hunt for myself until she got one with her bow.



We hunted hard after that!


October 11th we went out in the afternoon and set up a tree stand after her bow shoot she went too. It took us about an hour to set it up. By the time we set up the tree stand it was around 3 in the afternoon and we decided to run home take our showers and get ready to be out by 4. When we got back to the field, it had a bunch of deer in it and we weren’t able to hunt the stand that we set up earlier.

The next morning, Sunday, October 12th, 2014,  the wind was wrong for the spot so we decided to not hunt it. We went to another stand and set up. We did not see anything that morning. We went home around 10 in the morning and decided to go out around 4 again. When we got back out there, we started walking across the field to the tree stand. The wind was wrong for the spot but we decided to try our luck anyways.


We got to the tree stand and I was in the middle of setting everything up when Alyssa nudged me and said a deer is coming. I turned slow and watched. Here comes a button buck. It walked right down wind of us and right past. It didn’t even know we were there. We watched it eat on some carrots that I set out for the deer about 13 yards away from the stand. When the button buck walked away I asked her what she thought. She said it was awesome. She said apart of her wanted to shoot because she wanted to get one with her bow but she didn’t want to shoot a little one. I told her I was proud of her for having patience and waiting.

About 30 minutes later we started to see some more deer movement. We ended up seeing a 5 point across the field that we were hoping would come across our way. We seen a total of 11 deer out in the field at that time and we were watching them close so when one would start coming our way we would be ready. Then I start seeing a few more come out of the woods. Now there are 17 deer in the field. All of a sudden I here something to the right of me in the tree row about 8 yards away. I looked and then whispered to Alyssa “A BUCK! There is a buck right here.” We both stood up and started to get ready.


I grabbed the video camera and started to record. As soon as it started to record I said “Aim small and shoot.” When she released that string and that arrow hit her target I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that the deer dropped right where it stood. I had so much excitement I could hardly stand or even talk – it was overwhelming, in a good way.

When we were both were able to stand and pull our selves together we got down to see what we worked so hard for. The joy she showed and excitement from the hunt was priceless. It was like me shooting my first buck all over again. Experience was amazing. Absolutely proud of my daughter, Alyssa.



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