There Is A Great Story of Hope Unfolding In Americas Heartland !

By March 14, 2015Hunting

This is what I’ve seen God do in just a few short weeks !   Just imagine …..

“Mission 2011-100,000 Kids In The Outdoors” was started by  Shannon Young, President of Verve Outdoors.

For me, this journey began a short time before I read about Zac McAmis.    I struggled to put that story together so I could post it and had asked several friends to help, including my dear friend Sue.   I learned after asking her to help that she had lost her son at a young age prior to me meeting her.   That night, she returned the edited story and by her courage and strength in reliving the past,  I was moved by The Spirit.

Little did I know this was just the start of what my friend, Walt refers to as “God Winks”.

Ok, now let’s back up  a couple of days … this story actually started for me back around January 3rd when I learned of Jim Orrison,  a gentlemen from Kansas looking to write a story for someone else.   I asked if he would like to share one with me and,  on January 6th I posted ” He threw down the Gauntlet”,  a story about Jim Orrison and his son Kiel.   This was a fine story in itself but I had no idea of what was yet to come.

The next day I started to communicate with Phil McAmis, another gentleman from Kansas.   It was a casual conversation on Facebook where he asked if he could submit a story.  When I read“The Hunt Is Not Over” that night,  I was moved by The Spirit again!  Literally with tears in my eyes I asked for the strength to post this story.    Not only is it a parent’s worst fear but I too have a young son named Zac and this one hit home!    Well, late that evening I was talking with Jim Orrison and I mentioned the tragic story that I was trying to put together and when it became apparent to Jim,  he asked if Phil had submitted the story.

Another “God Wink” – the good friend at the end of Phil’s story was Jim Orrison and his son Kiel.   WOW !!!!

Jim and I talked for a long while and what I remember most about it was the overwhelming feeling that GOD was present and that, somehow in all this tragedy,  healing was taking place.  Not only had Phil and his family lost a son but Jim’s son,  Kiel had lost his best friend too.  Unable to sleep,  I looked on Facebook and my new friend,  Mark Hodspeth was still up so we talked for a while and, not explaining the story in detail,  I sent it to him.  It was only a matter of minutes before another “God Wink” when Mark returned after reading the story and told me that his son,  Zac had also died very young a few years back.

Now this whole story has unfolded in a matter of hours and at this point I am speechless but I’m still struck by the feeling that there is some major healing taking place here.   Mark and I talked for a while and that night I slept totally overwhelmed and exhausted.  The next morning, I got busy trying to put Phil’s story together and that’s when I talked with Sue and, as I mentioned before, the story was back in my hands late that night and was posted on January 8th.   On January 11th, I received Jim’s Follow up story, ” God Medicine” and again find myself immersed in the spirit.

This story was posted the next day, January 12th, MY son, Zac’s Birthday….

Yes, I know, AMAZING!  But there is more.  Within days, I was talking with Shannon Young from Verve Outdoors about his Mission. I told him about Phil and let him know how to contact him and the rest of the story is still unfolding.  What I know this morning as I wipe the tears from my eyes… Zac is with us and I FEEL THE SPIRIT!!!

Do your self a favor today !

Read Phil McAmis’s story “The Hunt Is Not Over” you will be glad you did.

Joe Nighswonger

God Grant Me The Serenity

To Except The Thing I Cannot Change The Courage

To Change The Things I Can And The Wisdom To Know The Difference.

In Memory of Zac McAmis 7/22/95-6/6/09


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