Zachary Welch’s Nebraska Brute

By March 13, 2015Hunting

The 2011 season started out with an amazing hunt. I hunted the opening weekend of Nebraska archery deer season. The first hunt of the season included a nice 4×4 coming into 15 yards and I was able to make a very good shot on that buck and he didn’t go far. The following weekend I wanted to fill one of my bonus tags for a doe that we get with our buck tags here in Nebraska. I planned to set a stand that I’ve never gotten a deer out of. I figured if I got a doe, I would be very lucky. I got another buck tag just in case another buck came in.

The hunt started out with me in a cedar tree about 25 feet up with my new Mathews Reezen I had just bought in July. I had a brand new slicktrick broadhead on the end of a Cabelas stalker xtreme arrow. The wind was out of the southwest which was the opposite of what it had been while walking into the stand. I was worried about that because the wind was blowing right toward the trial. About 2 hours passed, I looked to my right and saw a couple of does and some fawns and little bucks feeding slowly toward me. My heart started to pound as I realized the big doe was coming right toward me. When the doe was 15 yards from me, I was about to draw as she went behind a tree. All of a sudden she snorted and bolted and took off with the other does and fawns but the other three smaller bucks stayed. I watched the other bucks feed around for about 45 minutes and watched them go over the hill to the South. It was about 10 minutes later that I caught something out of the corner of my eye to the right. I looked in that direction and there was a HUGE 5×5 whitetail that was definitely a shooter.

My heart started to pound and I started to shake and sweat. I realized my wind was perfect now because the buck had not followed the trail. All of a sudden he bolted for about 5 yards and settled back down and began to feed on the alfalfa, he was at 22 yards quartering away. I drew my bow and put my pin right where I wanted. I watched the arrow as it hit perfect, right where I wanted. The buck jumped and kicked and I watched him run about 50 yards. Through the trees I could see white tines waving back and forth and then fall to the ground. I knew that the buck was down and I began to shake and tear up realizing what I had just done.

I walked back to the cabin at dark and waited for my dad to get back. My dad arrived shortly and we walked to my stand with the flashlights. Immediately we found lots of blood signs and soon we found the buck right where I thought I saw him go down. My dad and I were both so excited we could barely talk. It was something I had dreamed about ever since I could bow hunt deer. My dad told my grandpa to not plant alfalfa where he did because it was a waste of seed when we could use it other places. Im glad he did now because if he hadn’t, I never would’ve got that buck.

We bought trial cameras 3 years ago and have had this buck on camera every year since then. The first time we got pictures of him was when he was 3 years old. We are guessing he is about 6.5 years old. I still can’t believe I even got a shot at this buck and I’m very thankful for it. I guess I will be on doe duty for the rest of the year but I guess that is a good thing=).

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