How Archery Affected My Life by Morgan Kelly

By April 2, 2015NASP

Morgan Kelly

March 20, 2015

How Archery Has Affected my Life

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To the kids in my class, and even in my school, I am that kid that just does not have it athletically. In my school, if you aren’t athletic, you are virtually a nobody. But it isn’t my fault that I can’t kick a ball, or run a mile, or hit a puck with a stick. It is not my fault that I enjoy reading books and keeping to myself more than running around and fighting with people to take an inanimate object from them.

In my eyes, gym class has always been horror, because I was afraid of the physical contact, and the shunning I would get from my classmates for failing to meet their expectations. This made coming to gym class a difficult task, until we started the archery unit.

I began to enjoy archery, because we went in groups, and you could group up with people with whom you were comfortable. Those who were not shooting were not watching over your shoulder, but instead they were sent to the other side of the gym. This made me feel more comfortable because I knew I could be as bad as I wanted to, and I would not be judged for messing up.

One can imagine how nervous I was when I found out we were going to be participating in a competition. We were competing to see who was the best archer in the class, competing against other students. I tried my best to do my own thing and ignore those around me and how well they were doing. But the shocking part was, I was actually good at it. I kept moving up and up in the hierarchy, until it was me against one other student in the final round to decide the champion. In the end, I was the winner.

Now, a year later, students are still reminding me how good I was during the archery unit. It has been such a confidence booster for me, because it was the first time in my life that I actually exceeded the skill of my fellow classmates at a physical activity. My participation in archery has improved my outlook, I will never be able to tell myself that I am not good at anything. At one point in my high school career, I was at the top of everyone who had once doubted me. This boost of confidence proved to me that I can succeed in life; I just have to work hard and believe in myself.

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