An Arrow Is Like Life

By June 29, 2015NASP

 By Rachel Byrns

I am a senior at Gibson Southern High School in Owensville Indiana, I do many activities in school however one of them I am really going to miss this year ARCHERY!

Three years ago I unwrapped my bow one Christmas the love for archery began. That year a boy named Caleb Kiefer got an idea of having an archery club.  After finding a cop named Tim Speedy to help us, our program began and we would be introduced to NASP program.
That summer me and my cousin went to the beginner camp. It was so much fun and I would have never would have guessed that would be our last archery bonding time. She committed suicide that October.
It was so hard to pick up my bow after that but my coaches didn’t let me give up and I am so glad. Our first year we made it state! Never so proud of our team that year, even though going to many local competition and not winning anything our coaches did not give up on us!
This year was the second year for the NASP program at our school. We hosted a tournament and went to many competitions. We competed to go to state and qualified. Our team was made up of middle schoolers to high schoolers. We put our differences a side and became  a team. When we got notified we were going to Nationals I was thrilled our second year and we made it. All of our late nights and hard work payed off.

“Shooting at national was an Honor”

Our coaches surprised us and got us a police escort

gs bus

and seeing how big the NASP program really was shocking to me


The sadness really hit me when I shot my last five arrows.

Rachel1The NASP program has made a difference in my life and i’m really going to miss it. I do not know what I am goin to do with out it next year. I’m not going to be able to give any more motivational speech, lead team stretches, nor spend time with my archery family anymore.
Although its sad I would like to thank Caleb Kiefer,Tim Speedy,Randy Ziliak, John Sprinkle,Walt Whales,Jason Beauchamp, Dan Reinreinbolt, Earl, Mom, Dad, my sister Rebecca Byrns, and my archery angel, my cousin Dayna.
If I could take anything away from this I would say never give up, no matter if your doing bad it only takes one arrow to win!
Our team is a family and I can not wait to see it grow next year we even have a blind girl that is shooting next year. I cant want to come back and watch all my friends shoot like pro and hopefully see them go to the world tournament!

An arrow is like life, you have to decide were you want it to go!

by Rachel Byrns


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