Copenhagen Hosts The World’s Largest Archery Championship In History

Hang on to your quiver’s archery fans because the 2015 Archery Championships are on their way!

Copenhagen will have the honor of hosting what will be the largest archery competition that has ever taken place in the EJoneshistory of the sport. Back in 2009 Copenhagen held the Archery World Cup Final. After the cup final being a success Copenhagen was given the honor of hosting this year’s World Championship. Sports Event Denmark said that their goal was something bigger than done in recent years, more spectacular if you will. With only 500 archers and 75 countries expected to participate they have succeeded and probably exceeded their own expectations!

There has been a three person per competition category rule for each nation since 2005, resulting in 562 athletes from a total of 84 nations entering the primary Olympic qualifier in the year 2011 breaking a record. This year has that beat with over 620 competitors competing in four disciple competitions. The recurve men’s disciple alone has broken the 200 person entry mark for the first time ever in a single competitor archery event. Those 229 determined archery masters all stand to compete with one another for one of just three medals. The two recurve team evens will also be no walk in the park. These 63 men and 45 woman teams will be battling for one of the mire eight spots in the next Olympic Games.

The world archery president Professor Dr. Ugur Erdener stated in recent news that “There is proof of archery’s growth at the international level in the numbers of both participants and competition level of the elite archer’s”. It is said that what encourages the growth of the sport is that everyone is so willing to build this sport from the bottom floor up. The professor also said that the powers that be behind archery have been steady working on plans of increasing the sport throughout the world. They call it the “World Archery Plan”. The World Archery Federation, formally known as FITA, envisions a world where archery is available to everyone. The federation says that the new countries now being able to send a team to the world championship is just further proof that their initiatives are working. Archery is now even offered as a choice of sport during physical education classes in some schools around the United States.

(Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

Thought the final deadlines have past the number of competitors may still rise as more countries enter the competition. Even with the final deadline having passed member associations are still able to enter their athletes if they pay a fine. The prestigious World of Archery Championships will also bring the 51st World Archery Congress to Denmark. Seeing as to the congress always convenes the days prior to the championship itself. This year’s congress will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 24th and 25th. This year elections are set to take place to fil the Vice President and Executive Board member position. Different committees will as well be electing new members. Also this year the member associations will vote on how many motions, if any, they will be revising in the all-important World Archery Constitution and Rulebook.

A few of the motions include a proposition that would reenact the World Archery’s policy on only allowing active member associations. They would do this by requiring national competitor’s participation as part of the Archery constitution mentioned earlier. They will also discuss strengthening the constitutional clauses against discrimination.

The World Archery Championship will start on July 26th and ends on August 2nd, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The game itself will be held at the Christiansborg Palace on the islet of Slotsholmen. There is a limited supply of tickets left. Fans from over fifteen countries all around the globe have already purchased their tickets to the finals. Tickets cost 90.00 Danish Krone’s (DKK) or roughly 13.50 in you deal in American dollars. Some hotels are even offering package deals to those who occupy their establishments during the much anticipated events.

So if you find yourself in Copenhagen, hop on over to the World Archery Championships and be a part of archery championship history. After all, the world championships are only held once every two years.

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