“Adventure is Out There”

Hello! My name is Hala Skelton! I am 15 years old and I am on the USA Archery’s Compound Junior Dream team.

I live in Florida and I shoot at the Easton Newberry Sports Complex. I love Jesus above all and Archery! Recently I was provided with an incredible possibility of an adventure which everyone craves right? So my coach, Carl Greene, prepared me to shoot my best and have fun, and my mom and I packed our bags for Rome!

One of my biggest adventures with archery has been traveling with the United States team to Rome, Italy. For a week I shot with my good friends and JDT teammates in the European Youth Cup. The tournament experience by itself was incredible as my first international tournament, but then the entire atmosphere of Rome took my breath away! I never thought I would see the amazing city let alone for archery. The week was filled with awesome shooting by all and amazing adventures around and in the city. Everyday we had lunch and dinner with the other teams from 33 countries, eating what the Italian Olympians eat. One day we ventured from our hotel to a small gelato shop called Alaska, I might like gelato better than ice cream! Our super fun team leader Audrey Tyrell and Head Coach Jim White, made sure that the team went on a tour around Rome and saw the Pantheon and the Coliseum, amazing!

The entire team that went to Rome was composed of compound and recurve, junior and cadet Junior Dream team members. Everyone shot individual ranking the first day and I finished in fourth in the junior division and I was more than pleased! Coach Derek Davis always kept us positive on the field and had some pretty awesome archery technology too! The next day we ran elimination rounds and I finished with a bronze medal at the same time as Anna Miscione, a Recurve JDT member, fighting hard to the last point! One of our team coaches Coach Dee Falks was extremely helpful during matches, thank you so much! I was thanking God my entire trip but that was definitely a highlight.

I was on the Junior Compound Women team with two of our great compound shooters, Shelby Warrington and Kali Pavlik. We competed in team rounds winning all of our matches and winning the gold medal match! Thank you Coach Terry Laney for helping us through lots of exciting matches and keeping us hydrated in the hot Roman sun. Although the tournament committee decided to award medals based on the rank of the team, therefore we were awarded bronze. But in our hearts we are proud of how we shot. The Compound Cadet Women team won their silver medal in team eliminations, great job girls! Gracie Detamore represented the USA and was given the opportunity to shoot on an international team with an archer from Netherlands and Switzerland she shot extremely well!

The last day of the tournament the gold medal matches for individual eliminations and mixed teams were held in the Italian Olympic stadium. What an incredible venue! As we arrived I was taken aback by the Olympic track and field stadium, entirely made of marble the open stadium looked strikingly similar to the coliseum. Around the stadium were about fifty statues of modern Olympic sports, a tunnel ran under all the marble around the entire arena, almost providing some air conditioning. My team and I sat on the wall of the marble viewing area holding flags and umbrellas. We were of course part of the unofficial cheering match between the competing countries when our teammates would shoot shouting our USA chant and the “I Believe” (my personal favorite.)

Our Cadet Compound mixed team was the first to shoot was made of the number one ranked USA cadets Kevin Clayton and Cassidy Cox. When they received their gold medal on the podium we all proudly raised our hands over our hearts as they played the national anthem and raised our flag. A moment I can truly thank God for along with everything else. Next to shoot was our beloved Kinzie Thomas for the compound cadet gold medal. This was a tough match but Kinzie won silver in the end and on her last round she shot a perfect score! After Kinzie the The U.S. Recurve mixed team shot for Gold, Coach Diane Watson coached and spotted two great recurves, Kevin Kim and Christine Kim (not related) shot incredibly well against Germany and won silver! Overall an amazing opportunity of a lifetime and I am sure that there are more to come for this team! As always I have my Savior Jesus Christ to thank for all of this for giving me the strength and peace needed to compete at this level and everything I’ve ever needed and of course my awesome family!Hala

My favorite chant the “I Believe” chant:

I believe

I believe that

I believe that we

I believe that we will win!

I believe that we will win!

I believe that we will win!

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