The 2015 National Archery in the Schools World Champ

By October 18, 2016NASP

Shane Karls is a 16 yr old student from Hartland Michigan and the 2015 NASP®  World Champion

Shane began shooting a bow at a very early age around 7 or 8 years old so he could go bow hunting with his dad. He enjoyed his time shooting with his dad and he wanted to become even better than him. He told us shooting with his dad was his biggest influence with archery and they would have a father and son competition to see who is the better with a bow and to have bragging Rights.
Shane began to become interested in the NASP® program in 8th grade when he found out that his school had a good archery team and that a few of his best friends where on the team. In 2015 Shane reached first real accomplishment in the NASP® program. It was at the Nationals when he shot the best score he had ever shot at a competition. He shot a 291 and took 51st throughout the nation.

Since Shane had started heading into archery world he never had won a competition before. The closest he has come in a competition was 3rd place back at a Hartland invitational tournament.

The trip to Nashville is always a long car ride Shane said but he was very excited when he got the chance to go. When asked if he was nervous going into the event he told us he wasn’t really nervous to shoot at all.

Next up would be the 2015 Worlds in Nashville

Heading to worlds was always on his mind but he wasn’t really getting worked up about it. He also felt pretty confident going to worlds in which knew he had to keep practicing daily if he ever wanted to shoot up to his personal best.

He went on to tell us that the Hartland coaches played a huge part in making him the Archer he is today. They have taught him so many new things he wouldn’t have even thought of doing. Without the help from the coaches he wouldn’t even be shooting close to his personal capability.

Upon arriving in Nashville and walking up to the facility he remembered it being a nice sunny day.” I wasn’t nervous I was very confident in myself”. The place was pretty big and there were a lot of people there watching their kids shoot.

Shane finished his last round at 10 meters and he was shooting just so perfect as he was on the money. He had the thought on his mind that he is going to win this. “Shane told us” He put in so
much time and practices to screw this up now. He focused on each Individual arrow at 15 meters. His first round at 15, he shot a 49 and his second round was a 50.
On the last round he already knew it that he had to shoot a 49 or better. Shane was super nervous because he knew it was all on the line. His first arrow was a 9. The he went on to take the second one to get himself together and put the rest in the 10 ring to win. On his last arrow Shane’s heart was racing like it never had before.

Just like the previous arrow the next was in the 10 ring and he knew that he might just have won the world’s event. Winning worlds has made Shane want to stick with competitive archery and make better his skills for this year.

Shane is not really nervous about going to nationals this year, one thing is that if he keeps practicing he will surely do well.

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