By October 15, 2016Industry News

NEW for 2017, T.R.U. Ball has redefined the classic snap-open trigger with our four new VALOR, GLORY, VALOR CG, and GLORY CG release aids that feature superior 440 Hardened Stainless Steel Roller Sears and an ergonomic trigger!

The T.R.U. Ball VALOR redefines single caliper releases by adding a new Jaw-and-a-Half Design. Accuracy is redefined by a floating half jaw with the perfect inside curve for a smooth release and micro-adjustment to account for different rope loop materials, giving you the most accurate shot when it really counts. If your shooting style points to two independent jaws, check out the new T.R.U. Ball GLORY release. Adjust the travel of all models by turning a screw underneath the trigger. For those looking for an upgrade, try a CG Comfort Grip version with a rubber sleeve and thumb grip for traction, warmth, and comfort. All four models feature our popular Globo-Swivel strap connector that reduces torque and folds into your sleeve for no hang-ups in the woods. Let the new T.R.U. Ball VALOR and GLORY releases redefine your hunt!!

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