Archery to me is way more than a sport

By December 28, 2016NASP

By Emily Magoon

EMI can tell you with great confidence that I would not be where I am today without archery. I’ll will be honest, this is an extremely difficult article to write because there is so much in my head to say about why I love archery so much!

Archery is the only thing I know that belongs to me, and I to it. The people I have met and the things I have learned has been absolutely incredible. Archery gave me the best of friends, ones who know me and stand by me. Archery gave me amazing coaches, who may get on my nerves from time to time, but in the end I love them with all my heart. They push me to make me who I am, they molded me from this whimpy freshman to a strong, varsity archer. Archery gave me my bow, which has been with me since the very beginning; and reminds me every single time I pick it up of my dedication and hard work towards my scores and everything in between. Archery even gave me the love of my life.

So you see, archery to me is something way more than a sport; it is something that has given me everything I have now: amazing mentors, best friends, dedication, compassion, loyalty, and true love. It is my everything. And to those who might tell you otherwise, archery is a sport. When other people ask me why I like participating in the NASP programs so much, I do not know what to say really, because there are so many reasons!

In my school, archers are kind of the oddballs and the outsiders because there are so many different personalities that comeEM2 through the range. You get to meet new people all the time because a lot of people come in at least once to see what it is like to shoot a bow and arrow. So, yes I am calling us the oddballs, but only because that is technically what we are. The kids that stand out.

Archery, as most know, is for everyone…every single soul. Don’t have arms? You can use your teeth! Are you in a wheelchair? Not able to run a lot, maybe asthma? Well, you don’t have to do a whole lot of moving around besides walking. I find that absolutely amazing, that so many kids get the opportunity to have a sport they can call their own. Because of the huge diversity and versatility of our great program, I can argue that it is the best sport out of all other high school sports.

I love archery because it is everything to me. It is basically a place you can feel safe to be yourself and (on the rough days) let your anger out. You have so much opportunity with this sport because there are people who care and coaches who want you to succeed so badly.

It has been a blessing these past few years, and I will truly miss my time here.

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