Whitley Gregory’s first buck with a compound bow

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8 Yr old Whitly Gregory bags her first buck with a compound bow and what a fine buck it is..

Whitly Gregory was in a hunting blind since she was 4 years old with her father, Jay Gregory host of PSE’s Wild Outdoors TV.
At the age of 6, Whitly and Wyatt, her brother were legally able to hunt, Whitly took her first deer with a crossbow.  At the age of 7 she began hunting with a compound bow, and started to work on practicing with a compound bow for hunting.  The first harvest with a bow was at turkey.

This year, Whitly took her first ever buck at age of 8 and what an impressive buck!

It was a proud moment for dad, as well as Wyatt, her brother who has himself, been going with dad to the hunting blind since the age of 4, and has taken Whitly hunting with him many times. Wyatt Gregory, now at the age of 19 has also had a very successful hunting career and loves to take his sister with him to enjoy the outdoors.

Whitly also has other interests besides hunting as well. She is a cheerleader and is also involved in gymnastics, and aside from having a famous dad and being featured on The Wild Outdoors television show; Whitly, like other girls her age, loves to get pedicures and hang out with her girlfriends.

One of the questions often asked, particularly from other parents would like to get their kids involved in hunting is what bow does Whitly shoot? Dad, equipment/gear that she uses?

Whitly’s Gear:

Compound Bow: PSE Mini Burner

Draw Weight: 32#

Draw Length: 22”

Arrow Rest: Whisker Biscuit

Bow Sight: Sword

Quiver: Sword

Release: Scott

Dad shoots a PSE Carbon Air and believes that PSE manufactures a quality performance bow.

Whitly’s dad, Jay Gregory, host of a hunting television show called The Wild Outdoors. After 24 years, The Wild Outdoors is the longest running his television show on the Outdoor Channel and Jay is known for his ability to harvest impressive bucks season after season. An accomplishment like this requires dedication, hard work, and an uncanny ability of understanding your prey.

Jay is a self-taught hunter. He had a golf scholarship to college and spent 11 years as a PGA golf professional. Jay Gregory’s life could have gone a different direction, but his passion for bowhunting as well as meeting with Mark Drury of Drury Outdoors gave him the opportunity to host his television show, which is strictly bowhunting whitetail deer as well as other game animals where he can capture his hunt up close and personal on film. Having to make the choice between a pro golf career and pursuing a career of an outdoor television show, he soon realized that he made the right decision and has had a successful career in the hunting industry in something he is truly passionate about.

Whitly’s dad has advice for parents who want to get their kids interested in hunting. Jay Gregory recommends starting out with a crossbow, the way that Whitly did; as a crossbow is a great way to introduce a young hunter to bow hunting. When Whitly was young too young to pull the appropriate draw weight to harvest an animal, a crossbow helps to learn to get prey close and use correct shot angle and placement, and perhaps a little less intimidating than a rifle or shotgun for noise and the gun kicking. A crossbow also resolves the child having to pull a bow with a heavier draw weight that they can handle. As a result of Whitly being able to hunt with a crossbow, she was able to hunt with her father and brother perhaps sooner than she may have been able to handle a compound bow. The experience is still the same. If your child is interested in hunting, let it be their choice whether they want to or not.

The Wild Outdoors has been nominated for 2 Outdoor Sportsman awards,(formerly, The Golden Moose Award) by the Sportsman/Outdoor Channel for noteworthy moments in hunting television: Whitly’s turkey hunt from this Spring; and a comedy piece.

To vote by December 4, 2016: http://www.thesportsmanchannel.com/vote/

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