By Benjamin Doughty

I decided to enter shooting sports when I was 9 years old.BD1

I started out shooting a Genesis bow.  I got better as my arms got stronger, and my skills improved. I really wanted to go hunting with a compound bow.  One day I saw a used Parker left handed compound bow in my dad’s truck.  He told me I needed to raise $150.00 to get it.  I was able to do extra chores at home and jobs for some neighbors and my grandparents, and in 3-4 months, I got it. Last year my friend and his dad invited me and my dad to hunt with them.   A six or eight point walked out on me and my dad. It was within 20 yards of me. This was my first time to draw back my bow for hunting.  I remember feeling excited and nervous. My heart was pounding, but I wasn’t shaking.  My friend’s dad didn’t realize I had prepared to take a shot.  He fired his gun, and the deer ran.  I kept on hunting after that time but didn’t see anything for a long time.  I got discouraged, but I just kept on practicing.

BDMy uncle was very kind to invite me to hunt on his land about 2 months ago.  My Pawpaw and uncle took me to his land to hunt.  I got in a stand about 5:30pm.  My Pawpaw was nearby in another stand.  I only waited about 2 hours before I heard something in the woods.  I knew something was near, and then the feeder went off.  I had a good feeling about it.  I thought I saw a doe walking up to eat corn.  It turns out it was a spike.  I drew back and released.  I saw my arrow hit the deer. I felt sure I had killed him.  I found good blood on the leaves, logs, and trees.  We walked about 100 hundred yards, and there he was- my first deer!  I felt quite relieved when I found my deer, and my heart really started pounding.

BD2The sport of archery is exciting and challenging to me.  I like being outdoors. I like to hunt with my bow, but I also like participating in shooting sports. I have competed in two regional shooting competitions using my Genesis bow.  I missed the state qualifications by 7 points this past spring, but I just keep on practicing.  I think hunting with a bow is the best!

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