By Jaden Dunn

“Struggle, survival, victory, and defeat.

 Passion is a distinct characteristic that not every person has the opportunity to experience. Passions, to a certain extent, determine the behavior of ja2humans. I can’t even imagine my life without passion. My passion is archery; it’s as if the arrows run through my veins. For several long years I have danced with the thought of my success. Archery is my passion because it’s my natural talent, I’ve been connected to it my whole life, and it’s something I’d encourage anyone to pursue.

    In the 4th grade, I found the powerful emotion that made me feel like my head was in the clouds. Ever since then archery has been the thing I look forward to the most. Since the day I picked up a bow I knew that I would never be able to put it down. Here I am, 7 years later, and I still haven’t been able to rack my bow.  I have grown so much in that small span of time and continue to succeed in this beautiful sport. I have 11 state championships, a total of 4 state records, and have placed 2nd at nationals. It is an escape from reality that makes me forget everything. A game of focus played by those with the most patient of minds. I have found success through my passion, climbing higher on the staircase to my goals. Thinking back to the very first fall I can remember archery was part of my life.

     Since I was born my family has been indulged with bowhunting, for me, that’s where it all really jastarted.Everything started years before I was born. Bow hunting has been passed through my family for generations, My grandfather, my father, and now me. Family traditions counter alienation and confusion, they help us define who we are and provide something steady, reliable, and safe in a confusing world, such as our own. Time ticks as we change, that’s how bowhunting became target archery and survival became passion. Starting from the beginning is probably why archery really whispered its way into my everyday thoughts. In our community, bowhunting and  archery have been the backbone of our culture and anybody can continue that history. Since the first fall, that I can remember, I have witnessed my dad going out in the early hours of the morning, day after day, waiting for that small window of opportunity to bag a prize that will help to  feed our family. I am glad to say that I now have the opportunity to  enjoy the same types of wonders and  experiences.

    Only passion can elevate our soul to great things; that’s why I believe anyone can persevere in thisjaydan1 sport. As challenges are defeated,. I would offer a hand to all those following my footsteps. Supporting another’s success won’t ever damped yours.

     We lose ourselves in the things we love, but we find ourselves there too. Archery has been my safe place over the years, I am now finding success in it. I pray that my future is full of passion for what I love. Being my natural talent, it is easy for me to be passionate about archery, I hope to one day push others to pursue what I am so thankful for, it has been a great part of my life, ever since the beginning.

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