Why Teach Kids Archery?

By May 17, 2017Competition, NEWS

There are many great benefits of teaching kids archery.

Archery is fun and entertaining, it’s social, and it’s open to all ages, genders, and walks of life. Archery helps kids develop the growth mindset, which as we know will help them become successful in all aspects of life later on. Archery will also teach kids to be patient, to learn how to concentrate and push beyond their comfort zone, how to control their minds, bodies, and emotions. If your kids ever wanted to pick up a bow and arrow after watching The Hunger Games, or The Green Arrow, or The Avengers, don’t hesitate – take them to your nearest archery range.

In this neat infographic, aStraightArrow.net team put together 15 compelling reasons why archery is great for kids (same reasons apply to adults – it’s never too late!). We hope that after checking it out, you will take your kids to the nearest archery center and will get them started. Shoot straight!

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