The Nationals Day 2 and Kelly Davis

By August 4, 2017Competition, JOAD, USA Archery

Day 2 of The Nationals

By Alex Pollock
Sports Editor
The Times

Kelly Davis hated archery.

“My mom put me in summer camp when we first moved to Massachusetts, and it had archery. I absolutely hated it.”

Kelly Davis is not a quitter.

“I stuck with it, and now it’s all I do.”

Kelly Davis is the Junior Clout National Champion in archery.

USA Archery is holding the 2017 JOAD National Target Championships along with the 133rd U.S. National Target Championships at Grand Park in Westfield, Ind. this week.

Davis was one of 15 archers to compete in the Clout tournament on Wednesday, the first day of the tournament.

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Davis is no stranger to victory. In fact, she’s quite used to it.

“Locally, I usually win every tournament. At the state level…I usually win those too,” she said quietly. All of the winning hasn’t made it to her head.

But Wednesday marked a first for Davis. Her first national win. She’s been shooting for seven years, but claims she’s “only gotten good” over the past couple of months.

As she stood in line with her target, she slowly raised her bow and took aim. Release. Her bow moved quicker than I could follow. When my eyes caught up, the arrow was sticking right out of the little yellow circle in the middle of the target. Bullseye.

Kelly Davis is good.

Both an indoor and outdoor shooter, Davis knows what it takes to be that good.



“Indoor is more about the mental game,” she said. “You have to have an incredible mindset to hit that dime-sized X every time.”

Davis practices her shooting five days a week and cross trains with her personal trainer twice a week. On the weekends she competes.

“Outdoor, to have the arrow go 50 meters and have it go well, you need to have a really good form,” she said. “For indoor I focus on what I’m thinking about. For outdoor, it’s all about how I make the shot.”

Other than rigorous physical training and extreme dedication to her sport, Davis also attributes her successes to bowling, Vans, and tuna.

“I do really weird things before competitions,” she said.

But they work.

With one victory under her belt, Davis is far from done. She will compete for the next three days in various competitions, along with hundreds of other National hopefuls.

“It’s cut-throat. It’s a really harsh competition,” said Davis. “You just have to keep your head on straight.”

Full results from Kelly’s clout competition as well as full tournament results can be found at the USA Archery website.


Top 10 Archers in Outdoor Compound Cadet Female 50 meter double round

1             Athena Caiopoulos Joy Lee Archery Academy USA 9.13 after 30 arrows 274

2             Anna Scarbrough Bulldog Archery USA 9.1 after 30 arrows 273

3             Hailey Johnson NBG Archery USA 8.93 after 30 arrows 268

4             Hala Skelton Narwhal Archery USA 8.93 after 30 arrows 268

5             Kylie Martin Cincinnati Jr Olympians USA 8.77 after 30 arrows 263

6             Megan Barua Rivera Youth Archery JOAD of Southern MD Archers USA 8.7 after 30 arrows 261

7             Caroline McCracken Archery Learning Center USA 8.7 after 30 arrows 261

8             Ava Dremann Lancaster Archery Academy JOAD USA 8.63 after 30 arrows 259

9             Leia Jiang North Dallas Joad USA 8.57 after 30 arrow s257

10           Lexie Martin Archery Learning Center USA 8.53 after 30 arrows 256

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