When people meet me they would never know that I have Tourette Syndrome.

I was diagnosed when I was 10 years old, I am 14 now. My tic is a very rapid head shake. At times this tic really interferes with my everyday activities including archery and can become pretty bad lasting many hours. Even though I have my tic while I shoot, I always continue to shoot my best & finish the competition. My goal is to continue competing nationally with my tic and hit the podium and never give up!!! I am grateful for having the support of my Family, Friends and Team of Coaches. Also to my special Sponsors who really know and support me, Lancaster Archery JOAD Team for which I am privileged to be on, and everyone from my home archery club in Delaware, New Castle Hundred Archers. All who are there and have been for me along my journey.  I will only continue to get stronger and face it head on!!! My mission statement as Tic’D On Archer is to educate and raise awareness for Tourette Syndrome and help as many people and Archers as I can that also have TS or a similar disability. My Mental Performance Coach Jeff Swarr told me something and has stuck with me- “Tough Times Call for Toughness”. There are times when I shoot and can score in the top of my age divisions- then there are days right after that when my TS kicks in and I will shoot a round or tournament and have as many as 9 misses. Sometimes I am not even able to finish. But with the support of my very close friends and awesome Archery Coach Heather Pfeil, I can get through a tournament.  I even have a special backup bow set up to shoot when my TS gets really bad.

I am Nicholas Barbato and my tics are what makes me, me and I can’t imagine what my life would be without them.  I can tackle adversity every day and I am stronger for it.  My archery game and life is better because of it!!  My next goal is to submit an application to become a Teen Ambassador with Tourette Association of America.  I will be participating in my 3rd TS awareness walk in January.  My family and I are doing the walk this time at Disney in Orlando!!!

Also- I love Star Wars, working out at Achieving Physiques, hanging out with my Friends, Metallica, and my 3 Dogs. Clarke is our new puppy and we are training him to be my Service Dog so he can be my Companion when my TS kicks in.

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  • Deborah Williams says:

    Nick, you are a remarkable young man. Creating awareness of Tourette’s is so important, and I know that you can represent on so many levels. You have been on training for your life and know the value of mental preparation. You can adapt to limits on a particularly tough day and then come out on top the next. Many adults could learn a few things from you. Your family is so proud of you. We are all rooting for you and excited about all the opportunities ahead. Thanks for sharing.

  • Annette V Moore says:

    Nick, simply, you amaze me. You are a true inspiration to all those that know you and your ability to face adversity is unreal. As an Ambassador for TS you would touch lives and open up opportunities for others….you already do that for those who don’t face the challenges that you do. I am proud to know you!

  • william heyser says:

    NIck, you are an amazing young man who has a great outlook on life! Your mental toughness, perseverance, and drive for excellence makes you a true champion, regardless of the outcome of your tournaments. Good luck in all your future competitions, and thank you for your inspiration!

  • Sydney Shumaker says:

    Hey Nick! We haven’t seen each other in many years and I don’t know if you remember me but I wanted to say what you’re doing is awesome! Keep at it!

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