Drury Outdoors Farm Giveaway: The Drurys Are Giving Away a 60-Acre Farm at the 2020 ATA show!


After an amazing 30 years in the business, Drury Outdoors is saying “Thank you!” in a big way!  No one saw this coming but at the resent ATA, the Drury team officially announced the Drury Outdoors Farm Giveaway, that’s right, THEY’RE GIVING AWAY A 60-ACRE FARM!


Established in 1989 with the release of their first title “King of the Spring,” a 75-minute VHS turkey hunting video, brothers Mark and Terry Drury have been on a mission to educate and entertain outdoorsmen and women ever since.

Now, at their 30-year anniversary, they want to thank their viewers for their support and encouragement in the biggest way they know how: They bought a 60-acre farm in northern Missouri, planted food plots, identified stand locations, and plan to hand over the title to one lucky individual at the Archery Trade Association Show in January 2020. They’ve also teamed up with some of the hottest brands in hunting and will be awarding incredible monthly prizes throughout 2019.

To register for a chance to win the Drury Outdoors Farm Giveaway and for more information go (here)


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