It runs in the family

The girls first picked up a bow that was the same bow that their grandmother and father learned to shoot with as children.   

Photo Credit: Trey Thomas Images

Photo Credit: Trey Thomas Images

Their great grandfather was an avid sportsman and amateur taxidermist and had many interesting items for them to enjoy at his house.  They were lucky enough to spend time with Pap Pap Joe when they were little and learned about shooting and hunting from his tales. A few years later, they got interested in playing with toy bows and arrows.  

With the neighbor girls, they built bows out of the bamboo that grows in our yard.  My wife helped them and we decided that maybe they may enjoy actual archery. She researched local sportsman’s clubs and found that Coraopolis had an active Joad team.

 Kelsie ~“Our coaches are awesome”

Ashley got a bow for Christmas that year and we went to the range a time or two the next summer.  In the fall, armed with what we discovered was a “toy” bow, we took both girls to their first practice.  Starting out on the 10 yard children’s target, the kids quickly took a shine to “Mr. Bill”, (Bill ?) the coach that worked with the young children.  They worked on the short range for some time and gradually got up to the full range. Ashley got her bow first and did a couple of competitions that year.  At the end of the year banquet, Kelsie got her bow as a gift from one of the older kid’s parents. 

Ashley ~ “Focus is key”

Photo Credit: Trey Thomas Images


The following year, they both got into competition.  Over the years, they have really enjoyed talking to friends and family about their unique sport.  They have tried to recruit just about every friend to come and try it out. Now they are active in competing and are always trying to level up and get their best score.  Kelsie says that the coaches are “inspirational and helpful”. Ashley says that she really enjoys “trying to beat her best score and her sister’s score”. They both take great pride in being archers and meeting new people at our club and at the other clubs.  They also like the special parties we have at practice and attempting to shoot balloons and pop bottles and other interesting targets at these parties.

Their mother and father enjoy going to practices and matches and hanging out with the other parents.  They feel the sport is a bit more laid back than other activities and does not require the kids to spend excessive amounts of time practicing and traveling.



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