I never dreamed archery would have taken me this far

By January 21, 2019Competition

My name is Brinley Bartley

When I picked up my first bow, I never would’ve dreamed it would have taken me this far.

My daddy had always been a bow hunter, but with me and my sister both playing basketball, he never really had the time to shoot or hunt. I decided I didn’t want to play basketball anymore which gave my parents more time to do things. When I seen my daddy shoot I was immediately very interested in archery.


I got my first bow which was a Mini Genesis and everything spiraled from there. I had been practicing in preparation for the upcoming bow season with my PSE Fever and one day when going into our local archery shop, Ronda Elam asked me if I would be interested in competing and being on a team. Ronda and Mark Elam are the owners of the local archery shop and are also coaches of Tuckasee Archery. I was a little nervous going to my first practice but I soon realized I fit in perfectly and that night is when I realized my love for competition archery.


I would’ve never dreamed I’d be where I am today. I have many goals in archery, I would like to shoot in the women’s pro class and be able to earn a living by completing in this incredible sport.


This past season I switched to the middle school open female class, and it was a struggle at first but I worked through and won the S3DA indoor and outdoor state championships, as well as indoor shooter if the year. I got 2nd in outdoor shooter of the year, only missing first by 2 points. I also won the ASA state championships for Tennessee and Kentucky. I only competed in 3 ASA’s this year and I most recently won the world championships in Cullman, Alabama, shooting a personal best for unknown at 20 up.


I shoot competitions with my Echelon 37 and it is by far the best target bow I’ve ever shot. I love the grip on it and how it holds. This bow is simply amazing. I also love the adjustability and how you can change the letoff to whatever you prefer. I am more confident with my Echelon than any other bow I’ve had.


I love to shoot competitions but even more than that, I love to hunt. I have always hunted with a rifle, but when I first started bowhunting I knew I was hooked. I have harvested many deer with my Elite Impulse 31, and just like my Echelon, this bow is amazing. I look forward to hopefully harvesting another buck this year with my Impulse. I simply love Elite bows and one day I would love to represent Team Elite.


My advice for any young archers or anybody that is just starting with archery, is to never quit. Don’t stop shooting because if you work hard enough, you can achieve your goals. Thank you for your time and reading my story.



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