S3DA Northwestern National Outreach Coordinator Named

By January 24, 2019NEWS, S3DA

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Williamsburg, KY – Scholastic 3-D Archery has named JR Lorimor of Oregon as the S3DA Northwestern National Outreach Coordinator which will significantly increase the level of leadership and collaboration within the program in the northwestern states by increasing communication from the national to local level, as well as ensuring that there is consistency in following the rules, mission and ethical stance of the S3DA program.


JR Lorimor was born on a farm in Idaho and was introduced to hunting and the outdoors in his childhood. Lorimor moved to Oregon in junior high, where hunting and fishing really became his passion. In the late 1980s, he developed a love for archery that he says has guided his life ever since. Lorimor has been married for 27 years to his wife, Carolyn, and they have two sons Kade and Jaret. His family shares the same passion for archery and hunting, which further fuels his interest in bringing youth into this amazing sport. He loves the fact that he can share his passion with his kids.


Lorimor states, “We have been fortunate to have harvested big game throughout the West and Alaska. Coaching and teaching archery at the club level for several years now has allowed me the enjoyment of getting to introduce new kids to archery, hunting and the outdoors. I look forward to serving S3DA on the west coast, alongside the state and regional coordinators, as we grow S3DA into a solid program out west that will have coordinators and clubs in all of the western states by the end of 2019.”


Oregon S3DA just hosted an Indoor 5-spot shoot that had approximately 34 archers. With prominent clubs and archery shops in attendance, Lorimor is looking to really expand the Oregon S3DA program this year. The Oregon State Coordinator, Stephanie Rustad, is putting together a Virtual Indoor shoot for March. Coaches will send the students’ scores into the S3DA Oregon Administration to be compiled allowing the western region to start getting together as a cohesive group and promoting growth in S3DA. Multiple clubs are already forming in Washington and Nevada, as well as significant interest in additional Montana clubs. Lorimor is looking forward to assisting all the western states in their efforts to recruit youth into a lifetime of archery and outdoor enjoyment through S3DA.


Started in December 2012 by the Scholastic Archery Association, S3DA has grown exponentially as a next step program to follow introductory programs offered as part of 4-H or the National Archery in Schools Program.  S3DA addresses the need for a program to bridge beginning target archery experience and more advanced activities such as 3-D shooting and bowhunting. The program currently operates across the United States with hundreds of certified coaches serving thousands of young archers, grades 3–12.


For more information on S3DA membership go to: WWW.S3DA.ORG or email: infos3darchery@gmail.com

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  • Patrick Quinn says:

    Montana looks forward to working with JR. He was instrumental in getting my wife and I pointed in the right direction to get started with S3DA.

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