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   The life-blood of outdoor recreation and conservation is fueled by outdoorsmen and women.

In recent years, the fuel has become fewer in quantity with less and less people getting involved in outdoor recreation. Nobody fear, the R3 movement is here.

   R3 stands for Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation. The idea behind R3 is to get more people involved in outdoor recreation, due to the decline in people actually participating in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, etc. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (U.S. FWS), R3’s activities are designed to do the following. Recruitment activities are for generating awareness and interests along with providing opportunities for people to try an activity. Retention activities are for providing support for novice recreationists to help them gain and build the skills necessary to do the activities on their own. Lastly, Reactivation activities are to help get recreationists reinvolved back into the outdoor activities.

   According to the U.S. FWS, people taking part in outdoor recreational activities like hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, photography, education, interpretation, and other activities are what the R3 initiative is trying to boost.

   The answer as to why there is a decline in people participating can be pointed in a few directions. The first answer is baby boomers. In an article by Outdoor Life (Why We’re Losing Hunters), baby boomers make up most of the hunting market and the baby boomers are quitting to hunt due to the effects of old age. The decline in participants in outdoor recreation can be connected to the aging baby boomer generation. Another problem is the youth. Today’s youth are choosing to stay inside on video games and social media instead of going outside and participating in recreational activities. In a survey, of 1,100 participants, by Eureka!, 51 percent said that the main reason as to why children are not getting outside is because of the competition with technology. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 92 percent of teens use social media daily (using mobile devices). Teens are not the only ones leaving outdoor recreation for technology, adults are doing the same.

   This is why the outdoor world of recreation needs movements like the R3 initiative. The outdoor recreations of hunting, fishing, skeet shooting, archery, kayaking, hiking, and many more are all in danger of losing interest and need the help of R3 to introduce more people into these outdoor activities. All over the United States, there are tons of activities to do outside. Recreation such as largemouth bass fishing in Florida, kayaking and boating in Michigan, elk hunting in Colorado and New Mexico, whitetail hunting in the midwest, hiking anywhere, especially in the Appalachian mountains in Tennessee, deep sea fishing in the Carolinas, skiing in Utah, etc.

   The outdoors is full of fun, recreational activities to do. Some activities also transcend into doing great things. The sport of archery is having a great opportunity soon. A worldwide, event will be taking place from Friday, February 8th thru Monday, April 1st, 2019. The event is called ARCHERS to NOCK out CANCER and it benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. How one can participate is simple, join archers from around the world by going to your local archery range, club, school, or backyard and just shoot. Download and print the Official ARCHERS to NOCK out CANCER Target and take it to wherever you choose to shoot and well… shoot. There are other instructions on shooting, donating, and other info about the event, go to The Young Archer website to find out more.

   Anyone can find a hobby, passion, or outdoor activity to take part in because the outdoors has so many recreational opportunities. The R3 movement is going to help get people back outdoors. Spread the word of the R3 movement by using the hashtag #R3recruitmentretentionreactivation and introduce more people into the world of recreation the outdoors has to offer.

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A senior in High School avid outdoorsman and an inspiring young journalist, you can expect to see more from him soon. 

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    Interesting article. So true about the aging baby boomers. Also the younger people and electronics.
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