Archery by Keenan

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Have the Young Archer Magazine mailed right to your door SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR FREE “Imagine walking into an archery range after you unload everything like a bow, arrows, quiver, belt [if needed], arm guard [if needed] and a release if you have a compound bow. But did you know that archery includes a lot of muscles and bones? Just follow through takes a lot of bones and muscles. And even talking to the coach about a problem takes bones and muscles! You need the deltoid muscle to keep your arm up after you release and to pull the string back....
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Local archers perform well

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Local archers perform well in statewide tournament The article was written by Ryan Richardson and was originally published by The Owensboro Times. Western Kentucky S3DA Indoor Regional Tournament | Photos courtesy of Southern Fried Photography by Terri Payne More than 300 archers were in town over the weekend, as the Daviess County High School team hosted the Western Kentucky S3DA Indoor Regional Tournament. The event, held at the Daviess County Fairgrounds, featured 324 archers from 50 different teams and clubs across Kentucky. About 1,500 spectators attended the two—day tournament. Results for the local archers are listed below. The Daviess County archery program is...
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